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This pumpkin butter is an excellent hostess present, and is a wonderful spread for toast and muffins. It can also be used to make a spectacular holiday dessert, Pumpkin Pecan.
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This is an easy tasty recipe, for someone who might want the flavor of pumpkin but not in a pie. Also this version is more of a low fat type. I have made this without the pumpkin.
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Lately I have read several articles that say pumpkin should not be canned, My husband and I have canned pumpkin this way since 1976 and we can not recall of having ever lost a jar.
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The best pumpkin recipes: roasted seeds, pumpkin pies, bread, and more - all free and where to find a pumpkin patch near you!
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A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at canning. This first recipe I tried was such a success that I've been canning like crazy ever since! You'll love the truly autumn flavor.
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Preserve your garden harvest with these reader-favorite canning recipes.
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Pumpkin soup recipes are some of the most loved soups whether that be a classic pumpkin soup or an easy pumpkin soup. Want make pumpkin soup like...
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Reposts: To help you in the future, you can do a search in the search box to find prior posts for methods and recipes. I am sorry, but there is no safe method for canning pumpkin.
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When you want to keep seasonal flavors in your repertoire all year long, try one of our members' favorite canning recipes.
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try the world's best easy pumpkin pie recipes :: this delicious easy pumpkin pie recipes is sure to wow and crowd :: share it with friends and neighbors
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A diabetic friendly pumpkin pie that really tastes good. Perfect ending to a meal.